There is a difference from the BPE we record and on the card.

It's easier for you to place a 5 and 6 on the patients BPE scorecard, rather than them work out a furcation and x for missing tooth. It doesn’t work on their scorecard

How to score your teeth
Input DEWE Scores
How to score your teeth
Tooth Map

They will have a visual representation for both.

You can give the BPE and BEWE on their card, or email, or help them download it on the phone.

The plaque and bleeding score have videos on how the user can check themselves.

This helps your patients but also gives the members of the public that don't see us the opportunity to monitor themselves intending to encourage them to see a dentist more regularly.

Input Plaque Scores
Plaque Scores
Risk Factors
Tooth Loss

Not all scores need to be completed for the scorecard to give an indication of their gum health.

But it's a motivational tool and encourages them to stay green for treatment to last or even be commenced.

As we are aware it's rare to get accurate smoking and drinking record, so they can do it themselves as it then indicates their Oral cancer risk as well as tooth loss.

They can set reminders to improve their oral hygiene, check their children's oral hygiene, and I’d suggest monthly oral cancer reminders to the vulnerable group for oral cancer.

Oral cancer
Bleeding Scores

The BPE score is an indication of your gum health.

The red is the position of the gum, blue the bone. The larger the space between the gum line and the bone, the higher the score, and the more likely the teeth will be lost early. Regular visits, and good oral hygiene as in this App can help improve your BPE, with means your teeth are more likely to last your lifetime.

Clear Score 0

Clear Sciore 0

Pink Score 5

Pink Score 10

Blue Score 10

Blue Score 10